Creating your Business Plan

Are you looking to obtain funding for your business? Do you have a thorough business plan that covers all the areas that banks and investors want to know about your venture?

A complete, detailed, and accurate business plan will make your project more attractive to investors. A business plan is not only the idea and what you want to do. Your company’s business plan will answer many questions that investors are going to have. They want to know not only what you are going to do but how you are going to go about it and make sure you are successful. They want to know where your base funding is coming from and how far along you are in the process. They also want to know how you are supporting the business. They want to know if your product has a demand or does it need to be created.

Here is a Business Plan Checklist to help you along your journey!

I wrote a book called Level Up! The Guide How to turn your ideas into your business! The gift in this book is the workbook. It has a lot of developmental questions to answer in the formative days of your business. If you want more information than this checklist check out the book and workbook here.

Get started on your complete business plan today!

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