Tax reporting

We complete tax reporting for individuals or companies. Corporate taxes are based on many different factors. We can provide a minimum and maximum amount after having a close look at your financials. We also assist with any other tax filings such as amendments, etc. We also offer a Semi-Annual Tax Review. This is a way we have derived to help our customers save money, by looking at your financials mid-year, we are able to recommend ways to reduce tax costs and prepare for year-end.


We can handle all bookkeeping activities and prefer to complete them on a monthly or quarterly basis.

business consulting

This service includes a full review and analysis of your company’s financials and procedures. We will prepare a step-by-step guide to a business start-up or complete a full Financial Analysis of your company. We will answer any financial questions you have. Our consulting services are provided as a complimentary service to anyone with an annual contract.

financial reporting

Financial Reporting is our largest area. This service can be provided monthly, quarterly, or annually. The service includes…

•Reconciliation and update of all bank and credit card accounts.

•Reconciliation of Inventory

•Preparation of Income Statement

•Employer Tax Deposits

construction project management

We will provide the financial record-keeping back-office functions necessary to coordinate the construction phase of the project.


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