How can I afford this? Where do I start?

Many of us are asking ourselves this question daily.

We provide personal financial consultation, business financial and operational consultation, and business start-up consultation. All consultations start with an hour. To receive the most out of your consultation be sure to send over questions and any material information prior to your appointment to maximize our time. This appointment is your time to ask as many questions as possible.

Which Consultation fits your need?

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Start-up Consultation $99.99 $49.99

Are you just getting started? Unsure of the setup? Unsure of growth? Unsure of financials? Need operational organization? Start-up consultations include a plan for your business to flourish during the first five years. The first five years is very important for all small businesses as only 20% of businesses make it past year five. Let’s make your businesses plan! Book your consultation today!

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Personal Financial Consultation $49.99  $35.99

Are you looking to make a big purchase? However, you are unsure how you can afford it. Let’s sit down and review your financial situation. This will include a review of your financial situation. An action plan will be created for you to achieve your goal as soon as possible. Income and Expenses will be reviewed. A soft budget will be created as well if needed.

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Business Consultation  $1199.99  $999.99

Is your company established? During business consultations, we are assessing an issue your business is having. We specialize in service, growth, operational, and financial issues. An action plan will be created to change your results. Business consultations are required to send in backup material prior to the appointment to maximize our time. Business consul will begin with a one-hour session to assess the issue and plan what needs to be done to change the outcome. This includes an intro phone call and 2 business days at your place of business.

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Be ready to gain the knowledge you will need to take your business to the next level. This hour will be filled with loads of information on how to start your business. Solutions will be provided to overcome your hurdles