How to Check Your Refund Status.

Your accountant has submitted your taxes! Now you want to know, where is your refund? 

Here are a few easy steps to check the status of your refund. Let’s get ready first! There is some information you need to have. You need to have your Social Security or ITIN, your filing status (single, head of household, etc.), and your exact refund amount. 

Now we can visit  You can also download the IRS app. It’s called IRS2Go. 

This tool is available 24 hours a day and the status is updated daily, generally overnight. 

When you arrive on the website, you will click the blue button on the right side of the page that says “Check My Refund Status”. This will take you to another page, you will agree to the terms of use by clicking, “OK”. You will then enter your information and click “Submit”. 

Your status may say Received, Processing, Approved, and Sent. No status may mean that they have not received it or some of the information submitted does not match. Very often this can mean that the IRS has made an adjustment to your refund. After submission, they will post a status 24 hours after you e-file and 4 weeks after you mail in your return. 

Don’t fret, this tool is only a guide to help you know more of what is going on without calling the IRS. For any changes or adjustments, the IRS will always send a letter of explanation, stating why changes were made. If you receive a status you don’t understand, please reach out to your accountant to clarify. 

We hope this article helps you! 

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